Friday, February 15, 2013

Carl Louis & Martin Danielle

Now it´s time for me to post my first house music post on this blog. I am sort of an omnivore when it comes to music genres, however the last ten years of my life has mainly been dominated by house music in terms of listening habits. As you all know the house music scene have had an enormous breakthrough the last couple of years. This has resulted in a "mainstreamization" of the music produced. This development has both its ups and downs, a huge amount of newcomers produces extreme amounts of material. I believe this results in poorer " good song ratio" than before. Therefore, it is now harder to find those really amazing tracks in the never ending numbers of blogs, forums and social medias. I have no doubts about these tracks still being produced, however you need to know were to look for them. I will now try to help you in the quest for incredible house music.

My first recommendation will be the norwegian DJ-duo Carl Louis & Martin Danielle, often refered to as CLMD. I strongly believe that CLMD are two of the brightest new talents of the entire house music scene and they have been demonstrating that by continuously releasing great tracks, play at bigger and bigger events and getting more and more recognition among house music legends such as Pete Tong and Tiesto. CLMD started producing as early as 2007, however their real breakthrough wasn´t until in 2011 when they released the amazing song called "Little bit" featuring vocalist Colonel Red.

The year before they released "The Message" which now also got the attention that it deserved.

After "Little Bit" you stumbled over their production more frequently, but Carl Louis & Martin Daniells real triumph was in 2012 when they released "Black eyes and blue". I am completely honest when i tell you that I have been listening to this track at least 500 times over the last year. It completely blew me away and I still haven´t grown tired of it. For me it is total perfection. This song embodies to me what house music is all about, pure and limitless euphoria. With its catchy and incisive vocals combined with progressive house synth strings creates a sound that is being slung right into your soul. Not to forget is the beautiful music video shot in Los Angeles!

"Black eyes and Blue" granted CLMD a gold record in Norway and reached the top 10 rank of best songs of 2012 on Norwegian national radio. It also became the opening track of the Ultra Music Festival 2012 after movie. When the single was released thay had been colaborated with the extremely talented norweigan visual artist Jonathan Varcoe who designed the amazing "Black eyes and blue" single cover.

CLMD continued to tour the entire world and produce some great remixes during the rest of 2012. They also moved away from Norway and established themselves in New York. In Januari they finally released another original track. Not easy to live up to the massive amount of expectations that was generated after their previous success  however i think they manage to do a good job. The song "Fallin like angels" really gave them a kickstart of 2013 and I am sure that they will keep on producing great music and play even bigger shows and festivals this year. So look out for them and make sure you don´t miss them if the show up in your city!

Why would you need drugs when you can listen to CLMD?


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