Friday, February 8, 2013

I Break Horses

I Break Horses is a Stockholm, Sweden based indiepop band established in 2008 by a duo consisting of Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck.

My first contact with this band was during a gig at a music festival called "Way Out West" in Gothenburg, Sweden. One of my friends was very eager to watch them in action, however when we (the other members of the group) asked her to describe I Break Horses, she could´t do it. She told us they were indescribable. This was a smart move by her, since all of us suddenly got genuinely interested. The gig started, and it didn´t take long until I was completely blown away by their performance.

Their spine-chilling "out of this world" electro strings matched with classic indiepop elements grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and didn´t let go. My friend later told me that I looked like a child in a candy store for the entire set, and I certainly felt like one. This was definitely my live performance highlight of 2012.

My favorite I Break Horses song is without a doubt "Winter beat". It is completely genius, however while writing this blog post it strikes me, I have the same problem as my friend had. Their sound and characteristics are simply to hard to define. So, instead of me telling you how it sounds, have a listen!

This song was included in their first and presently only album called "Hearts". This album contains several amazing tracks such as "Hearts", "Cancer", "Wired" and "Load Your Eyes". The album also gave them the opportunity to tour with one of my favorite bands "M83" all over the world as opening act.

Funny story: The duo first met on a medical information forum were questions regarding deceases is answered directly by doctors. It seems like they both share some sort of hypochondria, which also was the origin of the song "Cancer". The song was written during a period of time when both of them were sure that they were terminally ill. Maybe not that funny, however I am happy as long as that makes them continue to produce amazing songs on the same lavel as they have been doing so far!


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