Thursday, February 7, 2013

Moby - Alice

I rediscovered one of my favorit artist of all time, Moby! His music has had a major impact on me and basically formed my tast in the music I listen to today. Probably the best artist in the 90's, revolutionary for his time and producing amazing tracks such as Natural Blues and Porcelain makes Moby a legend!

In 2008 he released his album Last Night and it was after the track Alice was randomly being played in my music player that I rediscovered him. Haven't listen to any of his songs for a long time but when I heard the track again I was like "damn, this is still good!". Recently I have been into hip-hop and rap music and maybe the rapping perfomed by the featuring artists MC Aynzil and members of the Nigerian group 419 Squad was the reason I got one of those halleluja moments listen to it again. Enough writing, here it comes.... ALICE!!!!


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