Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Tropical Disco has become one of my favorite genres. This genre had its breakthrough in 2012 when loads of new producers with elaborate and fresh sounds started to appear on various blogs and music sites.

Rotkraft was one of those producers that caught my attention. The track “Never give up”was one of the tracks most frequently played on my stereo system in the fall of 2012. With its distinct 80´s feeling to it, combined with heavy baselines and soothing melodies, it really is a great song. 

Rotkraft has continued to release great tracks in the beginning of 2013 and especially “To Love You” grabbed me. It gives me great summer vibes, and I am sure that Rotkraft, a duo consisting of George Japaridze & Lasha Margiani from Georgia, are an upcoming duo that will have a massive breakthrough in 2013.


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