Thursday, February 7, 2013


The other day I stumbled over this great feel-good track called "Club Ace" by someone named MXPN. With its stripped down sound consisting of a smooth melody with sort of a fairytale-vibe combined with minimalistic basslines really caught my attention.

As usual when I discover a track that I like I started to look for more songs by the producer and some background information about him/her. Well, this was a lot harder then I thought. After scanning Google, the MXPN Facebook group and Soundcloud profile I could summarize the information like this: Two guys from Gothenburg, Sweden. Not much to write a blog post about, right?

Anyhow, at least I could find another couple of tracks that I really liked, all released in the past three months. This indicates that the duo MXPN probably started producing recently.

Maybe I didn´t just stumble over a great track, perhaps MXPN will have a breakthrough in 2013 and become the producers on everyone’s lips. In that case, don´t forget who wrote about them first!


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